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Flat Rate Movers

Flat rate movers are first rate movers. Well, some of them.Mubers Moving

Flat Rate Movers or Nothing

Pricing models shouldn’t be complicated, so the management at Mubers Moving don’t allow them to be. The debate of moving price models is a large and complicated one. Many companies and their customers swear to be flat rate movers, while their competitors and their loyal fans think flat rate is the devil and much prefer the hourly rate pricing model.

Before we go any further, allow us to explain the arguments for and against both models.

Flat Rate Moving. One Price.

Depending on how the flat rate moving model is executed, it can be the obvious top choice or a total rip off. Some companies who run the flat rate model charge a high price and even smaller or less complicated jobs are billed over-budget.

The benefit of this model is transparency. With a quick search or consultation, the customer knows exactly what they’re getting. Even when the original price is high, it can still be more affordable unless of course, the company adds on hidden fees, taxes, or surcharges that aren’t listed in the initial price (yes, this does happen).

The downside to flat rate moving is far more apparent when moving companies abuse this payment system. Because the flat rate moving model eliminates any incentive to work carefully and take a lot of time on one order, many flat rate movers will rush jobs and mishandle orders. As a result, poor flat rate moving companies end up with dissatisfied customers and broken furniture because they try to hurry to fit in more clients, and don’t do their due diligence when wrapping, loading, unloading, and moving furniture.

Moving is supposed to be an art form, but unfortunately, many companies just see it as a back- breaking burden. Do you really want to move with a company who doesn’t even want to do their job? We didn’t think so.

The Hourly Rate Model

Okay, so you’ve read the previous couple of paragraphs and realize that flat rate moving is a scam (sometimes). The question remains. Is the hourly rate moving model any better?

Well, as with any dilemma, it typically depends on the situation. If you have a very small moving job the hourly rate could be your best bet (although you may as well do it yourself). However, if your move is anything more substantial, the hourly rate could get extremely expensive very quickly. Just imagine how long it must take to drive across country or a few states over. Plus, if you are paying them by the hour they are always incentivised to take their time (only racking up more profit).

Another aspect is the number of movers working. Sometimes moving companies operating on the hourly model will charge you a certain amount for each and every mover working on your job. If they overstaffed your move, it could get very pricey. The advantage to this is that unless they are standing around doing nothing (again, this happens) the job would get done more quickly.

Long story short, the hourly model can often be far more dangerous unless you are moving across the street or a very short distance. Both Flat rate movers and hourly rate movers have their advantages and disadvantages, but what if there was a way to get the best of both?

Mubers Moving – Moving Done Right

Well, now…there is.

For those who are unfamiliar, Mubers Moving is the new big player in the east coast moving game. Powered by a mission for customer satisfaction, and years of employee experience under their belts, they are ready to shake things up.

Although they technically operate as flat rate movers, Mubers utilize the system than most companies. By combining their model with certain elements that hourly movers use (such as handling items with extra care), Mubers Moving expects to make a splash in New York City and beyond.

Mubers Moving was born from a dream of customer service. This means that if customers don’t appreciate when typical flat rate movers or regular hourly rate movers do something, mubers won’t do it. Mubers truly understands the benefit of satisfied customers and the potential to maintain customers for continued business if they have a positive experience with your company. The way Mubers sees it, it’s simply not worth their time to deliver poor value. With Mubers, it’s the best. Or nothing.

Mubers moving offers the same product as other flat rate movers, except Mubers does it without any of the typical hassles. No hidden fees, no upcharges, no unexpected expenses, and no rushed jobs. Just good old fashioned value. Mubers moving despises broken furniture even more than you do. For that reason, Mubers executes quality checks and trains their employees specifically with care, caution, and quality in mind.

Flat rate movers believe that the more customers, the better. Mubers moving takes a different approach. The happier the customers, the better. Although Mubers enjoys profit just as much as any other flat rate movers in the New York metro, they believe that giving 110% effort on every single job will pay off in the long run. That’s why, if Mubers can move 5 families in a day, they never sweat it. Because there 3 or 4 families they were able to move are completely satisfied with their service and are excited to tell their friends about Mubers. That seems to be the better way of doing things, in business and in life.

Okay, So They ARE Flat Rate Movers?

Yes. No. well, sort of. It depends on how you ask the question.

Does Mubers Moving charge their customers one single fee up front for every job? Yes of course. They plan on having the best service on the east coast with competitive flat rate pricing.

But does this mean that Mubers is just another “flat rate mover”? Absolutely not.

Instead, Mubers Moving like to claim that they are on the Mubers Model. It’s similar to how other flat rate movers operate their business, except you know, different…and far superior. The interesting thing about Mubers Moving is that although they are trying to take a unique approach to moving, by no means are they reinventing the wheel.

Customer service is not an original concept by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, in today’s fast-paced world of inflation and increased competition, many companies try to give customers the short end of the stick in order to stay afloat. Mubers Moving is just the first to realize that these companies are operating on broken logic.

Trying to increase business by screwing over customers is an oxymoron. The only way to truly build a lasting business is to make sure that customers satisfaction and customer service are the top priorities.

That’s The Mubers Difference.

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