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Mubers Moving – the best moving company on the east coast. Coming to a curbside near you!

What the heck is a Muber? We aren’t sure…

What we DO know is that Mubers Moving is one of the best moving companies In New York City, the tri-state area, and potentially the east coast. What this brilliant new company lacks in years under their current logo, they make up for with collective employee experience, unparalleled positivity and determination, combined with a customer-first mindset.

The Man Who Started It All

Xavier Estronza has always seen himself as a moving professional. For years, he has dreamed of owning and operating his own Brooklyn-based Moving company. Xavier understands the fundamentals of business and realized that he would be better off by beginning his career with practical experience than making the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship blind. Now, decades later Xavier has but gained invaluable experience managing, running, and operating fellow moving companies, it’s finally time for Xavier to take matters into his own hands.

Mubers founder and CEO Xavier Estronza has taken his wealth of knowledge and experience, combined it with a passion for customer service, and topped it all off with some expert digital market, Mubers Moving has hit the ground running.

In its first year, Mubers has helped numerous people to move safely and comfortably both within the tri-state area as well as cross country. Mubers has had immediate and significant success because they embrace a strong and consistent brand identity, and value customer service above all else. Mubers Moving dedicates extra time and effort every day to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our service.

The Mubers Mission

If you walk into their headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, the people at Mubers Moving repeat one thing like broken record players. “Our goal is to make certain that our customers are as overjoyed with our company the day after their move as they were the day before hiring us.” Founder and CEO Xavier has been in the game long enough to experience the moving industry at its very best and brutal worst.

Many companies who claim to have mastered the moving real, forget one very important thing: A scam or trick customer may give you their money once. A truly satisfied customer is willing to pay you for life. They way everybody sees it at Mubers Moving, it’s simply not worth it. They would much rather work hard to foster an incredible company culture and dedicate extra time to customer service. Companies who follow this model will always be better off in the long haul.

Plans for World Domination


However, I don’t think Mubers Moving would be too upset if they were able to take over the New York City moving market with their customer service, reliability, and willingness to embrace the future of the industry. Mubers understands that New York City can be a hectic yet incredible place to live in.

As such, flocks of college students and middle-aged professionals alike move to New York every day. Although many buildings are close to one another, it can be impossibly difficult to move furniture from one place to another in the city. Mubers dreams to be the one and only answer to that problem, in the eyes of all New Yorkers.

So, What is Mubers Moving Capable of?

The true potential of Mubers Moving is still unknown. Currently, Mubers offers a plethora of services rivaling some of the most elite and well-reviewed moving companies in the nation.

The complete list of services offered by Mubers included Local Moving, Long Distance Moving, Packing, Storage, Piano Moving and Art Moving. And this is only the beginning. Due to immediate demand, Mubers Moving has implemented the aforementioned services into their daily repertoire. However, the folks at Mubers are excited to expand their company and business offerings as they expand and grow. If something is needed to be moved, Mubers wants to be there to load it on a truck. Fast.

The Future of Mubers Moving

First, Mubers Moving wants to make sure that we are keeping up with the quality standard set by our competitors. This means that everything current moving companies do to put their customers at ease, Mubers wants to do even better. Communication, straightforward pricing, and careful handling of belongings and items are a great place to start.

Next, they want to innovate and find ways to go above and beyond. The better customers feel, the easier their experience is, and the less stress the customers have, the better. One thing Mubers is excited about it truck tracking and automated alerts. If you were able to watch your moving truck like a pickup vehicle on a rideshare service, and track every movement of your belongings wouldn’t you want to? Real time tracking, not just delayed checkpoint updates. That’s the Mubers Moving vision.

Mubers wants to make sure that every customer feels like they were treated fairly. No hidden fees, no bogus charges, and no sky-high rates. The average person may move 3-7 times in their life. Mubers wants to appeal to as many customers as possible, and maintain those valued customers so that they have Mubers Moving on speed dial for life.

Ready to Move?

This blog was primarily designed to explain to the world what Mubers is, and how they plan to revolutionize the moving industry within their native borough of Brooklyn and beyond. That being said, if you are reading this and happen to be located on the east coast and are interested in moving we’re sure Mubers Moving would love the chance to earn your business.

Whether you are relocating across the hall or across the nation, Mubers Moving is prepared and excited to help make your experience pleasant and memorable. Behind all of the logistical stress and planning, moving used to be a unique life experience. Looking out the window of your car, bus, or plane as the landscape changes before you should be an emotional experience. Mubers wants the public to view the process of moving as an exhilarating life milestone, not a burden.

If you are ready to move and want to see what the best moving company in Brooklyn has to offer, check out their website here.

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